SEARCHBreast Workshop on 3D Modelling of Breast Cancer

The workshop focused on providing researchers with solutions to overcome some of the perceived barriers in working with human derived tumour cells, cell lines, and tissues. The workshop also offered cutting-edge examples of how these barriers can be overcome to give insight into on-chip technologies, clinically relevant studies, breast cancer metastatic mechanisms, and 3D tumour modelling using virtual pathology.

Dr Anja van de Stolpe (Plenary Speaker)

Human in vitro cancer-on-chip models for development of new cancer therapies and companion diagnostics: a vision towards the future?

Dr Jenny Gomm

Tools for building breast models: the role of the BCCTB Cell Culture Programme.

Dr Alexander Leeper

Developing 3D cell cultures using ex-vivo breast cancer - a clinician’s perspective.

Dr Emma Davies

Organotypic slice culture of tumour tissue.

Dr Jelena Vukasinovic

3D cell culture system for oncology research and drug testing.

Professor Christine Watson

Modelling the mammary gland and tumour invasiveness using engineered scaffolds.

Professor Valerie Speirs

Three-dimensional reconstruction of human tissues using virtual slides.

Dr Erik Sahai

Modelling breast cancer invasion and metastasis.

The lecture will appear here later.

Professor Anna Grabowska

3D pre-clinical models of cancer - understanding the influence of the tumour microenvironment.

Lecture to remain private.